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Bat Sounds, Bat Songs

Bat Sounds, Bat Songs

Published: May 15th, 2018

By Farah Carrasco-Rueda There are around 1300 species of bats in the world. In the Neotropics, approximately half of the bat species cannot be captured using mist-nets because the bats […]

UF Biolink Year-End Celebration & Student Awards Reception

Published: Apr 19th, 2018

Smathers Library (East) Room 100 April 26th, 2018, 4-5pm

International Women’s Day: Celebrate Women Rising in Conservation

Published: Mar 9th, 2018

Women Rising in Conservation In the western reaches of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, women are at the center of the household and the heart of local livelihoods. They […]

“Show me your neighbors, and I’ll tell who you are”

Published: Mar 5th, 2018

By Sergio Marconi How many times Hollywood showed scientists in their hoodies tracking a person of interest, hacking security cameras around the world? Sitting for hours on huge machines, weird […]

UFBI Travel Grants for Congressional Visits Day  2018

UFBI Travel Grants for Congressional Visits Day 2018

Published: Dec 24th, 2017

  UFBI Travel Grants for Congressional Visits Day 2018   The American Institute of Biological Sciences is hosting its annual Congressional Visits Day in Washington, DC on April 17-18, 2018. […]

Polyploidy and Plant Diversity

Polyploidy and Plant Diversity

Published: Nov 16th, 2017

By Jonathan Spoelhof Where does biodiversity come from? A simple answer would be mutation, which creates the heritable variation that fuels natural selection and other evolutionary forces. However, mutations and […]

Studying the Interactions of Climate, Biodiversity, and Humans

Published: Nov 3rd, 2017

By Laura Brenskelle If you go to Google Scholar and search for published journal articles using the term “biodiversity,”you will find innumerable studies discussing the ongoing biodiversity crisis, climate change, […]

What Is the Function of Diversity?

What Is the Function of Diversity?

Published: Oct 18th, 2017

By Sergio Marconi Why we do care so much about biodiversity? Do we care about species, what they represent, or maybe both? These questions are the center of Functional Ecology, a branch […]

Beyond the Edge: Biodiversity Outside the Forest

Published: Oct 13th, 2017

By Farah Carrasco-Rueda Forests are places where you can amaze yourself with the incredible biodiversity. However, what happens outside the forest? This is a question of real concern in the Antropocene […]

Acoustics and Biodiversity

Acoustics and Biodiversity

Published: Oct 7th, 2017

By Jonathan Spoelhof Scientists measure biodiversity in many ways, each of which reveals critical information about the state of biological communities. Regular censuses of plant and animal communities monitor populations […]