Plant Diversity Scientists Adopt Shenzhen Declaration on Plant Sciences at International Botanical Congress

Published: August 29th, 2017

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The Shenzhen Declaration on Plant Sciences was adopted by the approximately 7000 participants of the International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen, China, in July, 2017. The theme of the Declaration is to unite plant sciences and society to build a green, sustainable Earth, and this theme permeated the Congress, which witnessed dedications of new parks and gardens in a city that is a model of green urban development. The message of the Shenzhen Declaration is consistent with the Mission of the UFBI.


We endorse the following seven priorities for strategic action in the plant sciences. Vigorous development of these areas will allow society, with the help of science, to mitigate impacts of human activities on plant species, habitats, and distributions, and to approach formation of a sustainable world for ourselves and those who follow us.

  1. To become responsible scientists and research communities who pursue plant sciences in the context of a changing world.
  2. To enhance support for the plant sciences to achieve global sustainability.
  3. To cooperate and integrate across nations and regions and to work together across disciplines and cultures to address common goals.
  4. To build and use new technologies and big data platforms to increase exploration and understanding of nature.
  5. To accelerate the inventory of life on Earth for the wise use of nature and the benefit of humankind.
  6. To value, document, and protect indigenous, traditional, and local knowledge about plants and nature.
  7. o engage the power of the public with the power of plants through greater participation and outreach, innovative education, and citizen science.

We believe that, by working together, we can unite innovative plant sciences with the needs and strengths of human societies, helping to create new paths to a green, sustainable future for Earth, with plants and people in harmony.

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